What is the purpose of contrast baths?

Contrast baths are effective at helping to decrease swelling, while increasing circulation to an injured area.


Use an ice pack or frozen bag of peas for one minute (do not place frozen bag    of peas directly on the skin. Instead use a towel over the skin) you can also place our foot in cold water.


Use a heating pad that has been warmed up and wrap it around the involving part of your foot for 4-5 minutes . You can also place your foot in warm water.


Repeat the ice or cold water to the foot for one minute.

This entire process should take you 6-7 minutes to complete and should be repeated at least twice. It can be repeated periodically during the day if you have time and if it seems to be reducing your foot symptoms.

If you are a diabetic and you are using warm water to soak your foot, please feel the water with your hands before placing your foot into the warm water to make certain that it is not too hot.

If you have any questions, please call the office.